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Want to win? Fit a Sava race tyre!  And remember.. all Sava race tyres are road legal!
The amazing MC31 S-Racer.

This tyre is SO good you'll swear you were riding on a slick! With minimal lateral cuts around the edge this tyre feels super-glued at the extremes of lean angle. Want a recommendation? Talk to someone who's beaten you!

100/90 -12    49P    TL    
120/80 -12    55P    TL    
3.50-10 51P TL
100/90-10    56P  TL
The MC20 Monsum Race.

When the weather gets bad, do you want to show the others a clean pair of heals? This is THE wet weather race tyre - bar nothing. If you're in the groove, you might think the track is dry!

Also PERFECT for Dirt Track Racing!

100/90-12 49 P    TL
120/80-12 55 P    TL

One look at the new MC50 and you'll know it means business! With great tread stability, the MC50 is just another example of Sava's commitment to innovation, performance and WINNING!

At the opening round of the Ninja 250 Cup at Wakefield Park, 19 of the 26 starters wore Sava MC50s and one claimed a new lap record.

Got the talent? We've got the grip.

100/80-17              100/90-18 
110/70-17              120/90-18

MC29 Sporty3+. It's not too often that you find a tyre that LOOKS great that doesn't also WORK great, and the MC29 is no exception! A beautiful looking tyre that is among the very best performing tyres currently made.





(Junior Dirt Track)


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