Sava has a Kart tyre for every race, on every day, for every driver. Famous for great grip, handling and wear, your Kart needs Sava!

And with a full range of tubes and wheels also available, Sava are the Karting experts.

For rental operators, Sava has great value solutions that still provide your customers with a fantastic “race kart” experience.
Kart Race

SRW: wet racing tyres; 45+/-6 ShA

SRB: soft/med racing slicks,52+/6 ShA
• exceptionally good grip
• good service life and consistent “feel”
• excellent price/quality ratio

SRL: med/hard slick; 60+/-3 ShA
• suitable for indoor or outdoor racing
• good grip, great service life for races lasting several hours (enduros)

Kart Rental

SRC: medium hard, 61+/-3 ShA
• for indoor and outdoor racing at low temps
• especially suitable for smooth surfaces

SRE: hard, 64+/-3 ShA
• suitable for indoor and outdoor driving
• especially appropriate for rough surfaces
• SENSATIONAL “grip-price-life” ratio

SRH: very hard, 64+/-3 ShA
• especially good for rough surfaces

SRX: extra hard: 69 +/- 3 ShA
• when durability is everything

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